Yogesh Mahajan, you are talented illustrator. Thank you for bringing my words alive.

Hailing from Mumbai, India, Yogesh Mahajan has donned many hats in his field of work.

He offers numerous illustration services for storybooks, print, animated TV series, and mobile games to National and International clients. He is also an animation film designer.

His passion and dedication to his art are evident in his work. Yogesh believes in bringing innovative and original ideas to the table for each project he works on, which over time has increased the size and loyalty of his clients. His distinctive CrayonArtstyle work is created especially for children's books.

To check out his work and know more about him,

visit www.AnimationWalaYogi.in

Donald Miller, Thank you for Business Made Simple. My fear of business was changed by your philosophy on how “Simple” business can be.


John Lee Dumas, Thank you for bringing on entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes to learn from. Their ups and downs, tricks of the trade, and just their overall attitude helped get rid of most of the fear I was experiencing. 



Shout out to Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings. Thank you. The knowledge I have gained listening to your podcast and great guests has given me the confidence to pursue a side hustle I thought I could never be involved in.


Joanna Penn, Thank you Creative. I appreciate your willingness to share your own experiences and insights. Your honesty and transparency have helped me to avoid many of the pitfalls that new authors often fall into. www.TheCreativePenn.com