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When Outside Just Say Hi

A fun, simple phrase to help children with their fear of bugs and animals. When your children see a bug or animal outside, encourage them to say, "When Outside Just Say Hi." This simple phrase will remind them to be friendly and to observe the bug or animal from a distance. It will also help to dispel their fear, as they will realize that the bug and animal are not there to bother them.
You can also repeat phrases like, "Bugs and animals don't want to bother you, they have something else to do," to help your children understand that these creatures are not a threat. By raising their curiosity and imagination, you can help them to see bugs and animals in a new light.
Reading books about the daily life of bugs and animals can also be a great way to help your children overcome their fear. The "When Outside Just Say Hi" book series is a great place to start. These books will introduce your children to a variety of bugs and animals and teach them about their unique habitats and behaviors.
With a little patience and encouragement, you can help your children to overcome their fear of bugs and animals. By teaching them to be friendly and to observe these creatures from a distance, you can help them to see the world in a new way.

My children and I enjoy a fun game when reading a story: recognizing the page numbers. I wanted to incorporate this little game in all my books, along with colors and spelling. With each turn of the page, these numbers, colors, and letters will add an easy and fun activity that your kids will enjoy.

Thank you for choosing the When Outside Just Say Hi book series.

  Author Bio for book...James F. Gaffney IV is the author of the book series, "When Outside Just Say Hi."  What began as saying so his 3 children would not be scared of bugs while playing outside, is now a start of his entrepreneurial journey.  "Honey Bee" is his first published book.  Visit WhenOutsideJustSayHi.com to find out more.